Sunday, April 04, 2010

Friends of Friends of Friends!

May I just say I have the best friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends EV-VER?

My college roommate Beth and I have the most interesting relationship -- she challenges me, and chews me out, and I ignore and love her for it! (You need to know that this is her way of expressing her undying devotion!) But, besides being a royal (but sweet-in-her-own-way) pain in the ga-zot-nick (my mother's term for a$$), she promotes my jewelry and books by telling her friends how dumb I am for not selling my stuff in every gallery and boutique from here to the lake (and the SI swimsuit issue to boot)!

The funny thing? In a slightly dysfunctional way, her charming ways have benefited me!

Beth turned her friend Mary on to me (as dumb as I am) and my jewelry, and Mary visited my home studio. While here, she purchased my Army Pin necklace (featured in Junk to Jewelry) which perfectly complemented a sweet calico sundress she wore to an outdoor summer wedding. (Mary is a size negative 2, but we'll forgive her since she has impeccable taste in jewelry).

So, I suppose Mary wore her necklace (around her size negative 2 neck) -- and talked about where she got it and this kooky jewelry designer who makes necklaces out of weird things like army pins -- to her friend Joann.

Fortunately, Joann has no idea how dumb I am (the beauty of three degrees of separation in this case) and has signed up for my Steel Wire Intensive Master Class at the Racine Art Museum later this month!

It's amazing how my sassy friend has been a marketing asset despite her best attempts at discrediting me. With friends like Beth, who can do without 'em?