Sunday, August 02, 2009

WonI: Proof I Found "It"

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. But this time was different. This time, I did know that some thing was missing in my new work direction, but I didn't know what it was, really. I couldn't put my finger (nor my pliers) on it. Then "it" came to me -- "it" became a reality this week.

I discovered the missing link at Micheal deMeng's demented toys workshop at Valley Ridge Art Studio (thank God proprietors [the lovely and wonderful] Kathy Malkasian and her [what-a-guy] husband Bill bring awesome instructors to Wisconsin ).

Sure I'm into iron wire (more on my upcoming iron wire jewelry book in another blog), and vintage an-y-thing, and junk lovelies -- but I've been toying with found plastics lately 'cause: a) I love color; b) I adore whimsy (and a lot of plastics are toys); c) there's sure a lot of it out there for cheap (I LOVE cheap); and d) I can claim I'm green (so chic) instead of cheap (just plain uncool).

The problem is that as much as I love whimsy and color, I love patina even more and could never marry my good old junk with my awesome can-only-be-so-old plastic treasures. The old didn't jive with the new and I was forgetting my collage/assemblage problem-solving tools.

The "IT" (and the answer to my dilemma) is using paint to visually blend disparate objects like those in (working title) WonI Strikes Warrior Pose. Formerly a Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Happy Meal toy before literally losing her head, she's now a pendant and happier for it. Thanks Michael for providing my "IT" sooner than later!