Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Good in the Tornado's Path

I know I'm not the only teacher blogging about the trail of evidence caused by the tornado that is the Bead&Button Show. I may, however, be the only one that is writing about it a full week after it has ended! Ay!

I do feel somewhat vilified that my delay in reentry has not only entailed a now-clean house, watered plants (boy, were they thirsty!), and my eldest's sixth-grade graduation (complete with memory books made into hand-rolled diplomas), but some really solid studio time (which is always fruitful after a super-charged week of inspiration).

I still have to make my deposits (money? is that important?) and unpack, but I've been true to what's most important to my creative process and that's makin' stuff -- with a half-dazed smile running from ear to ear! Ain't life grand?