Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cobbler's Children, They Have No Shoes!

You've heard about the cobbler's children and their lack of leather footgear? How about this former marketer's inability to properly promote herself? How long have Bead&Button Show classes been available for their frantic filling by way of the online registration site's 'buy' buttons? You guessed (or already know) it. Since January! (I'm only two-ish months late.)

But, enough self-deprecation and onto some shameless self-promotion. There are still a few spaces left in my three Largest-Retail-Show-in-the-World classes! Two explore my new favorite medium, iron wire, (Calder Meets Carrie Cuff [upper right] and Maniacal Jewelry Pound [below left]) and the third is a waxed fiber repeat (High Fiber Diet [bottom right]) back by popular demand from '08's offerings.

Check out the B&B Show website for more info and to click that 'buy' button (not-so-subliminal messaging here) for yourself!

And, see you in June replete with shoes (and bells on them).

PS For those of you linking in from the Art Jewelry blog, thanks for taking part in the Found-object pendant: Do you know what this is quiz. Your thoughtful responses tell me you're a foundling too! What a Pop-pop 'toot!'