Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a Tree Hugger!

Little did my parents know that they raised a Green Girl! Here I thought I was just a cheapskate with a capital CH!

But it's official! My newest published article is out there in print for the world to see. May's Art Jewelry is hot off the press and available at a newsstand near you (that is, IF you don't already subscribe, which you should surely consider doing).

Anyway, I'm back from my diverted writing path. The article title is Capture found objects with low-cost steel wire (page 64). I'm proud to say that I own a whole six pages of the mag's prime real estate with my second AJ article (the first was an applique piece in their inaugural issue: How Fish Fish. It was the very first piece I did in Sr. Rosemarita's summer school jewelry class at my alma mater, Mount Mary College).

For added fun and frivolity, Associate Editor, Jill Erickson, came up with a fun quiz you can take on their newsletter link: Take a guess what the featured found-object pendant once was! Over 200 people have already ventured their answers -- and some have even entered takes of their own! Yippee!

Reuse, Reclaim, Up-cycle!

-b, the redheaded eco-designer!