Friday, September 19, 2008

It's in, it's IN, IT'S IN!

Vintage Redux! It's IN!

My second child is kickin' and screaming, is out of delivery, and has left the hospital. We're home now -- Mother and baby are doin' fine! (HA! Like I'd ever really give birth again! I love my boys, but two is just enough for me!)

Writing books has a little longer gestation but is a lot less painful -- though I DO think that I had some kicking going on in the last trimester (you know, the kind where the underside of a foot stretches out your right side another yard from your body?)!

A little side-note: my oldest son, Jimmy, had his friend, Carl, over yesterday (the day the baby came home) and I was showing the newborn off. Carl kept asking, "Old re-dux? What's re-dux?" (He pronounced it re-ducks.) While I was answering the re-ducks part, it sunk in that he was translating 'vintage' to 'old' and it made me crack up! I hope my target audience gets the title, 'cause I'm not sure "Old Something Reinvented" is gonna' do much for sales! Bless his little 12-year-old heart!

BTW, my youngest, Liam, knew right away what I was proudly parading through the kitchen and showed his happiness for me with a "Great, Mom!" On the other hand, Jimmy (he'd kill me if he read my blog) said, "What IS that?" (I did NOT lay hands on him, I swear!)

Thanks to each and every soul who helped with VR, from my tried-and-true friends (especially Becky who worked just as hard as I did that last few weeks); to my family who waited on themselves during the thickest part (gee, maybe I should be continually writing against deadline); to all the folks at Kalmbach who took another chance on this Goof-ball Girl! Love you all!

For those of you who preordered through the likes Amazon or, you (unfortunately) will probably have to wait (so sorry!), since these folks seem to pad the avail date by about a month (yeah, it does have something to do with distribution, but...). And, for those of you who are buying through Kalmbach or lil' ol' me (lucky dogs), the book is available ASAP (WITH my amazing little book plates that I autograph just for you!) (Psst! When you do buy my book, just email me and I'll send out a personalized plate on me!)