Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Off to the Printer with Ye!

My editor called this morning with a very nervous voice. "Do you have Bake-lite in your book?" she eeked out. She really knew the answer was no, but I'm sure she was in panic-mode and just wanted to bounce the question off someone who knew*. Turns out we needed to tweak the back-cover copy to reflect the fact that I have a faux Bake-lite (Bake-lite-like?)re-done (re-dux-ed?) necklace and no Bake-lite at all. ('Ya gotta' be careful when you are dealing with things as collectible as Bake-lite, but I digress . . . .)

My point is that Karin was nervous because the completed book's digital files were probably on the verge (and I mean at the very tip of the edge of the cliff) of floating off through cyber-space to the printer. Yep, floating to the actual printer to become a real-live book instead of a figment of my imagination.

She's always had faith in this book and has repeatedly reported, "It's going to be a beautiful book" to her peers in review meetings. I have to agree. I'm really proud of the projects and all the variety I was able to pull off with what is basically old-jewelry-junk. Maybe the title should have been Jewelry to Junk to Jewelry Again? Gee!

"Someone who knew" is also a funny notion -- now that it's been seven months since I turned in Vintage Redux's manuscript and jewelry to the Books guru's at Kalmbach, I hardly remember what is in the book at all. Out of sight; out of mind! Hee!