Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looky, Looky . . .

. . . I'm in the Booky! Well, Crafttrends magazine, that is! I'm sure craft retailers around the globe are calling their book orders in to Kalmbach (ask for Retail Book Sales -- hee!).

Lord knows my mother probably would have never guessed her little space-brained redhead would be considered an expert at anything but arranging her crayons in the box, but here I am reporting to the astounding Katie Hacker about the vintage jewelry trend.

That's one of the projects from the book on the center page (the Mrs. T. necklace) and my earrigs on the right (Curtain Call). (Don't look too closely at the photo credits -- they got the designer (me) right, but have flip-flopped the titles.)

Thanks Katie! Thanks Crafttrends! Thanks Karin and all those at Kalmbach books!

I LOVE this job!