Monday, March 01, 2010

A Study in Contrasts: Benchtop Sneak Peek

Last week's blog post may have you believing that my studio is quite clean and organized. Poppycock! Just a few feet away is the chaotic workspace of Brendita-the-Spastic-One! And so comes my theory of balance. 

First, a left-to-right (now top to bottom) scan of the main workspace in my studio:


(Now, a moment to rest your eyes and regain some composure.)

The lesson here -- at least what works for me -- is that having an organized starting block is important to getting one off and running in the creative process. For many creatives (including moi), beginning is probably the single most important thing we face. But the messy, everything-up-in-the-air part is where the genius comes in.

In the chaos, you'll find new juxapositions of objects you may never have thought of combining before. In the pile, you'll gain a clarity that comes from being able to work multiple projects at once. In the jumble, you'll gain a momentum that has you producing more.

These two works have recently erupted from the hot bed of disorganization:

I guess (for me) slow, steady, and cluttered is what wins the race!