Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Peek of the Week!

Seems I have a more than a few red-haired friends (we used to be so uncommon!). Well, my red-haired friend Kelly (ummm, red and pink-haired friend Kelly) suggested I give my blog readers a peek of my new book's jewelry designs a tad early. She heard from a little facebook bird (another red-head ... me!) that I sent the whole three-box set of finished jewelry projects to Lark Books on Tuesday.

SO, I got permission to give a peek without givin' away the whole pic! And actually, I'm taking a bit of creative license (I LOVE creative license and believe in incorporating it whenever possible) by giving one peek each month for a total of ten months leading up to the publish date. We can wait for Iron Wire Jewelry (working title) to publish in Fall, 2010 right? Please?

Here's hoping this helps! xoxox!

And thanks, Kelly!

Peek of the Week No. 1: