Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OhMyGod! I'm BUSTed!

That's just like me -- to tell you something's coming (my mention of being published in BUST magazine earlier this summer) and then check it off my mental list. (Written, done, gone!) (Follow-up? Completion? Hello?) Ha!

So, the good (no, FABULOSO) news is that two of the pieces I submitted for their fall fashion feature (Aug/Sept '07) are front and center (pages 85 and 86)! (Well, the piece on the lovely gloved model's wrist is front and center (p.85), but the 'Rings . . . bracelet (p.86) is behind the dog leash. That's funny!)

Still, I am giddy with the layout and double-mention and am honored to be included with other respected authors such as Sherri Haab, Linday Cain and Sarah Weir. Pinch me!

Note to self -- keep creating! Go, go, go!