Thursday, August 23, 2007

Little 'Ole Me on Alison Lee!

Whoa! (Pronounced woe-ah in the Schweder household!)

Guess who's going to be interviewed about her found object jewelry book for a pod-cast segment on with Alison Lee? ME!

What an honor to be among such talent (when you go to Alison's site, you'll see she has interviewed the likes of Bruce Baker, Tim McCreight, Sherri Haab and even SARK!)! So, I'm warming up my speaking voice (la, la, la, laaaaa), meditating for a zen-like experience and trying to think of every possible question she may ask (gotta' be ready, Freddy!).

I'm feeling so high-tech, move over hubby-geek, Honey's comin' through??!

I'll let you know when it will air (or subscribe to her newsletter and it will come directly to your e-box).