Thursday, July 12, 2007

Get Ready to See my Stuff in BUST Magazine!

Something wonderful happened on the way to my book's release! My publisher, Kalmbach Publishing Company, got a call from BUST magazine inquiring about using designs from the book in their upcoming fall fashion piece (August/September issue)! Long story short -- they asked for seven of the pieces and voila! . . . I'm published by my first non-hobby magazine . . . a fun and edgy one . . . that fits my stuff . . . ahem!

For you The Secret groupies, this happened just a few weeks after reading the book (or listening to the book-on-tape . . . or watching the DVD . . . for the first time). H0w 'bout that for an answer from The Universe? 'Ya gotta' love it!

Anyway, the newsstand date (I've been stalking their web site: is July 24 (my wedding anniversary!!).

Now I'm asking the Universe for a Marc Jacobs or Prada job!