Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'll Pay You a Movie Tomorrow for a Blog Post Today!

I promised myself a selection from Movies-On-Demand if I wrote and posted my blog tonight. (It's 10:22pm--I had better work fast!)

And I promised myself that from now on, I only had to write a paragraph with each blog post.

I foster deals between Strong-and-Successful Brenda and Rather-Sit-on-My-Duff Brenda to motivate both me's. I mind-murmur things like "You only have to run to that far mailbox, but you do have to run to it." or "Since I had that chocolate shake this afternoon, I'll have ice water instead of a Coke just now."

[Alright, well technically I'm already three paragraphs in . . . but, that's sort of the point, I just need to get over the initial hump of starting something, then I'm fine.]

But, enough of that.I have been meaning to tell you about the workshop that I took with Dean Ebben at Kathy Malkasian's Valley Ridge Art Studio (located here in what Richard Salley describes as bucolic Wisconsin).

Dean's an amazing artist--and it takes an amazing artist to get me to break free from taking non-jewelry workshops. (Since the new millennium, Micheal deMeng's the only other victor in this regard). Long story short, I was blown away. I expected to be wowed, but instead I was mesmerized. Star-crossed. Hooked.

And guess what? You may just be seeing some cyanotype art jewelry pieces come out of this studio soon. They'll look similar to these exposures I did during the workshop:

 Leaps and Bounds

Pirouette Skirmish

Kewpie Gets Spit Curls


And here's a little photo summary of what will become a draped cowl neck piece that I absolutely love (scroll down Dean's Workshops page a bit for more of the same):

 After all the sun's work and the rinsing is done,
I prepare the piece to be hung on the line to dry.
(Domestic Brenda--take a good, long look!)

 Reminds me of wash day at my Grandma Mae's.

 My Vally Ridge friend Janet Eskridge.
(We met at a Keith LoBue workshop at VRAS in 2008.
I'm the proud owner of three pieces of her work!)

Janet and the very wind-blown me.

A very BAD hair day (not you, Janet!) makes for a very GOOD art day!

[And I'm all done! I've earned a movie, but it will have to wait since it's now after midnight. It'll be nice to bank that movie reward for another time!]