Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny How Baby Steps Can Span a Mile (or More)!

Sometimes I just sit and wonder at how simple studio play-time can translate into something bigger and better (and longer-lived) than I would have ever imagined! Take this wonderful chunk of seaglass I received as a barter from a doubly-wonderful client! I was just putzing around one Saturday afternoon, experimenting with how to capture the piece in steel wire. I twisted and turned, bent and unbent (yep, steel's like that -- you can "erase" bends!).

Soon after, I attached the pendant to a funky-found-dog chain-turned-necklace, and wore it to lunch with friend and Art Jewelry Associate Editor, Jill Erickson. It just so happens AJ was planning a green trend issue (see May 2009) and a full-fledged (capture pendant) article was born!

Now, rewind a few years to the debut of my first book, Junk to Jewelry. The fabulous Matt Quandt of Kalmbach got me a podcast gig with Alison Lee's Craftcast to help get the word out! (That was an amazing opportunity that I still have to pinch myself to believe.)

Some full-circle-to-now math: 
    Art Jewelry feataures Alison Lee in their current issue
+ Capture article popular with AJ readers
+ Craftcast interviewees' work used to enhance new article
= More fabulous publicity over a little bit of quality time between me, my wire, and my junk.

Ain't life grand?