Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Head-in-the-Clouds Tour of Greece

What a complement (and a misnomer) it is to be stereotyped as having your head in the clouds!

When my eldest son was in the fourth grade, his well-meaning teacher diagnosed him as a "dreamer." He didn't thrive in overly-structured environments like classrooms where you sit in nice, neat rows of desks, wear school uniforms, or move around the place to the tune of buzzers every 50 minutes. I didn't either. Nor did his Dad, really.

We see the world differently. We allow ourselves to take in beauty in ways many others do not. When we're in Greece, we go to the monuments, the museums, and the restaurants just like everyone else, but we see things that inspire us at our feet, our finger-tips, and yes, in the clouds. At least, I did.

Jim and I took around 1,000 pics during our 11-day tour of Greece. He was in charge of the camera, but I directed these -- my favorite shots -- which I present to you in a short faux slideshow:

Ancient Athens floor (tile).
The ruins at the Acropolis Museum, Athens.

A sneak peek of the floor tile from a side room.
The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens.

Three sidewalk textures.

Stone wall textures.
(Maybe the Agora?)

Rebuilt stone wall solution: what I call "puzzle fitting."
Near the Oracle at Delphi.

Iron storefront fencing (particularly interesting to this designer.)
Downtown Athens.

Thira Town, Santorini.

Residential door knocker.
Thira Town, Santorini.

Door latch.
Thira Town, Santorini.

Marble tile floor.
Senor Zorba Mexican restaurant, Santorini (open 12pm-12am!)

Cement wall-work, embellished with polka-dots of small, red volcanic stones.
Volcano View Villas, Santorini.

Motifs from ancient Akrotiri clay work (1800-1500 BC).
Santorini Museum.

Entrance to the Akrotiri Museum.
Thira Town, Sanortini.

A beautiful and fashionable fellow traveler.
Poros (A Saronic Island.)

Vestibule ceiling.
Museum, Hydra (a Saronic Island).

Sub-floor to an upper balcony walkway.
Museum, Hydra.

Beautiful sidewalk tile work in front of a restaurant.
The Plaka, Athens.

When there's no tile work, create your own.
The Plaka, Athens.

My teary-eyed stare at a bird-filled dusk sky.
The rear seating area of our ferry in the Aegean Sea.

And, 55 seconds of joy for you as well: